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Escalanté Assisted Living Estate established this contingency plan to prevent, monitor and manage a possible outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). This plan addresses the containment measures that apply during the lock-down period as announced by the President and published in the Government Gazette to fight the spread and possible contamination with the virus of our residents, visitors, employees and contractors.

Please contact Estate Management if you have any questions or concerns:

  • Annalien Coetzee on 084 439 4907 (Estate Manager)
  • Sr Jessie Dungey on 076 077 0807 (Registered Nurse in Charge)


Consistent with evidence emerging worldwide, persons over 60 are the most vulnerable to be infected by the Coronavirus. It is therefore important that we manage the movement and activities of people on the estate with the strictest measures to prevent a possible outbreak of the coronavirus at the estate. In consultation with TruCare Age Well Solutions Inc., the registered health service provider for Escalanté Assisted Living Estate, the following measures is introduced to ensure the safety of our residents during and after the lock down period.




During all alert levels of the national lock down the following procedures will be in place for all persons entering the estate at the entrance gate.

Every person entering the Estate must:

  • Wear a mask throughout their visit
  • Sanitise their hands before completing the Screening tool.
  • Adhere to the estate’s hand hygiene policy and any other policy deemed necessary by the Estate Management.


Every person allowed to enter the premises will be screened with the infra-red taking of temperature and they must complete and sign the Screening Questionnaire. A person will not be allowed to enter the Estate if ANY of the answers on the Screening Questionnaire is positive.


During the strictest alert levels of the lock down and should circumstances demand it during any other alert level, the entrance gate will be shut and no one will be allowed to enter or exit the estate unless strictly for the purpose of performing an Essential, Emergency, lifesaving or Chronical medical condition service. The Registered Nurse in charge will be responsible for approving any person entering or exiting the estate.


  1. All the essential services will continue to operate during all the alert levels of the lock-down.
  2. All Service Providers and Contractors will be screened.
  3. Transport services offered to residents will cease with immediate effect.
  4. Weekly shopping will be done on the Resident’s behalf.
  5. Hand sanitisers are placed in strategic places and Residents are encouraged to make use of it as frequently as possible.
  6. All Staff are instructed to wear masks and are not allowed to come to work when sick.
  7. Staff are screened regularly for early detection of a possible infection.




Escalanté Assisted Living Estate welcomes and will assist with all new applications. All potential admissions to the Estate as from 17 March 2020, must be screened for symptoms and placed in isolation until a Covid-19 test proves the new admission is negative.



  1. Residents may not leave the estate without permission from the Registered Nurse in charge.
  2. All residents are advised to have hand soap in their homes and to wash their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds.
  3. Social distance of at least 1.5m is advised for all Clients.
  4. Residents must immediately contact the carers or the Registered Nurse in charge should they feel unwell or if they experience any flu-like symptoms and isolate themselves immediately.
  5. Residents with a sore throat, coughing, tight chest, and/or high fever must use the emergency response button to contact the care centre and will not be permitted to visit the clinic on site.
  6. All residents with flu-like symptoms will be seen in their unit to minimise any potential spread.
  7. Medicine will continue to be delivered to the resident’s unit.
  8. Doctors and health professional appointments must be communicated with the Registered Nurse in charge.

Residents are advised, when moving around, to strictly adhere to the various precautionary measures to combat the spreading of the virus, especially frequent hand sanitising and social distancing.



Visitors will only be allowed to visit if it is allowed in the conditions of the alert level that is active at that time. The following will apply for all alert levels:

  1. Visitors to the Care Hub will be limited to family and representatives.
  2. Visiting hours will be restricted accordingly and will be communicated to the family and representatives of the Residents.
  3. All visitors will be obligated to wear a mask throughout their visit.
  4. Family and/or representatives will be informed if such drastic measures were to be implemented.
  5. Visitors will be requested to adhere to the Care Hub’s hand hygiene policy and any other policy deemed necessary by the Registered Nurse in charge
  6. All visitors will be required to declare their health status as per the TruCare Age Well Solutions Inc. screening questionnaire and any other method deemed necessary.
  7. Visitors will only be allowed access once the health status has been cleared by the Registered Nurse or Senior staff member on duty.


NOTE: At the discretion of the Registered Nurse on site and depending on changing circumstances, visitors may be prohibited and residents isolated as a precautionary measure. This may come into effect immediately and can be scaled down depending on circumstances.


Residents are always advised to take precautionary measures to minimise the risks to themselves and others:

  • Avoid touching your face, nose, eyes or loved ones until your and their hands are washed.
  • Make use of hand sanitiser frequently.
  • Do not to share food, utensils, cups, or towels with anyone.
  • Do not visit anyone or have any visitors over if you are not feeling well.
  • The World Health Organisation recommends vaccination against seasonal influenza to prevent contracting it during this time.


We would like to thank you for your understanding and support as we fight this invisible enemy. It is of utmost importance that we do not become complacent and negligent and careless as time goes on. We cannot afford to relax our attitude or any of our measures until there is scientifically accepted treatment or cure that will ensure that our Residents are safe from the severe consequences of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).


Annalien Coetzee

Estate Manager

084 439 4907

Jessie Dungey

Registered Nurse

076 077 0807

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