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Care Services at Escalante

Escalante is proud to work in partnership with TruCare Age-Well Solutions

With their passionate team of professionals, TruCare brings quality care that promotes and enhances every individual’s quality of life.

Our goal is to help you stay at home

When you need support, it may seem as if there is no way out and no one to turn to. Escalante Estate and TruCare staff can help by working with you to identify your goals to maintain independence, partner in managing your health profile and enhance quality of life.

With the different care options available we make sure that your needs are met. Depending on the care requirement, different members of the multi-disciplinary team will be involved.

Age-best In-home Care
& Active Lifestyle Estate

If you are looking for assisted living facilities in the Vaal, Escalante offers superior care and services. With multiple levels of care and programs tailored to residents’ interests and needs, Escalante’s assisted living community can offer a complete spectrum of care options.

Escalante’s assisted living community combines the in-home health & wellness support TruCare is known for with activities and services designed to promote our residents’ health, well-being and quality of life. Residents enjoy remaining as independent as possible while receiving personalised attention and assistance with daily tasks. We also provide 24-hour nursing and certified nursing assistant care.

At Escalante we recognize the importance of working with families and medical professionals to create a care plan unique to each resident and their specific needs.

These Individualized care plans are continuously monitored and reviewed to ensure the most appropriate care is providing all times. We work with you and your loved one to assess your specific needs and to create an appropriate care plan to ensure those needs are being met. Our caring staff combine their innate nurturing attitude with our continuing education programs to ensure we are consistently meeting the needs of your loved one. We monitor your care plan and will meet with you as necessary to ensure all parties are happy with the care, we are providing.

Age in Place

What is aging in place? “Aging in place is a term used to describe a person living in the residence of their choice, as they age. This includes being able to have any services (or other support) they might need over time as their needs change”.

As we get older, some activities of daily living pose challenges that can have a negative effect on our quality of life. These challenges might be due to illness, injury of aging, and could require temporary or long-term assistance. At Escalante, TruCare offers a wide variety of age-well solutions to ensure that these challenges are dealt with effectively to enable you to age in place.

By teaming up with a personal assistant at the right time, the individual ensures independence, therefore adding quality of life. We all know how difficult it is when we realize we’re not as independent as we use to be, forgetting that with the right support, independence can be maintained and even restored.

“Because You Feel Better at Home”

Enquire now about our  wide range of services on offer:

(We adjust our services as our client’s personal needs and circumstances change)

Housekeeping & Laundry

Companionship & Hobbies

Appointments & Shopping

Medication Reminders

Family Caregiver Relief

Sleep-Over Attendant Care

Alzheimer’s Care Services

Personal Care & Hygiene Services

Advice for life changing decisions

Sleep-Over Attendant Care

Up to 24hour care

Optional Extra Care

*Note that the first hour of care is included in the monthly rental fee. Additional care can be requested – pricing is as follows:

Rates per hour Mon-Sun, 7 Days a week, 12hour night shift, etc.

1 Hour Additional Care per day (Mon-Sun) = R1 212.53 pm
2 Hours Additional Care per day (Mon-Sun) = R2 425.40 pm
3 Hours Additional Care per day (Mon-Sun) = R3 638.25 pm
4 Hours Additional Care per day (Mon-Sun) = R4 850.78 pm
6 Hours Additional Care per day (Mon-Sun) = R7 276.50 pm
9 Hours Additional Care per day (Mon-Sun) = R10 914.75 pm
12 Hours Additional Care per day (7 Days a week) = R11 278.58 pm
Night Care – 12-hour shift = R11 278.58 pm
24-Hour Live-in Care (Alternating Caregivers) = R15 159.27 pm
24-Hour Care Rotation (4x care workers, 12-hr rotation) = R930 per day

Additional Services

(Table & rates per test of x14 services)

Our focus is on quality of life through restorative care and risk management. Through quality care the potential risk of an older person is brought down substantially which adds to the individual’s quality of life.

This makes ageing at home possible without having to move to a place of care. Care services include amongst others total physical care as required, preparation of meals, general tidiness of the client’s immediate environment, following a restorative care program, etc.

Care Workers are responsible for their own meals and transport. The only exception is Live-in care where the client and management come to a workable agreement regarding the Carers meals.

Medication management R300.00
Drawing blood – sent to the laboratory R20.00
Wound dressing – minor wounds – excl. dressing material R20.00
Wound dressing to major wounds – excl. dressing material R35.00
Injections plus material used R20.00
Glucose finger prick test R15.00
Cholesterol finger prick test R50.00
Ear syringe (removal of wax) R25.00 excl. waxol
Basic hand care – clipping nails R25.00
Basic foot care – clipping of nails R45.00
Basic hand and foot care R60.00
Insertion of eye drops R2.50 per insertion
Nebulizing excl. medication R35.00
Urine test R30.00

Wellness Plan

What is a wellness plan and why would I need it, you might ask? Strange how we plan events throughout our lives and for some or other reason, we exclude a very big part of our lives from this planning. In fact, our entire lives we structure around one thing – ensuring that we’ll enjoy retirement one day. Yet, we don’t plan on how to stay strong, healthy and fit to enjoy retirement as planned. We just assume we’ll stay in good health.

With an increasing focus on wellness and quality of life, groups and individuals often need guidance on how to set up a wellness plan. It’s important to understand the elements that constitute a good quality of life in order to put in place mechanisms that will ensure that this objective is achieved.

Wellness includes the physical, mental and psychological aspects of our being and these can’t be separated. Balance is the key to living a life filled with quality. As we get older, prevention plays a huge part in this wellness plan. Early detection and treatment are key to protecting your independence.

So, if you’re serious about independence, dignity and quality of life, contact us to guide you through the steps of setting up a wellness plan that will enable you to live life carefree, well into your later years.

Come join us for a tour and see for yourself why Escalante Living Estate is the best choice for Senior Living in the Vaal Triangle area

Escalante is the premier choice for assisted living facilities in the Vaal Triangle. We look forward to offering you a tour through our unique, modern, spacious living spaces.

Escalante is an easy living community that offers assisted living rental accommodation with a range of services and care options. 


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